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This Email Marketing Workshop Will Help You Grow Your Sales & Boost Your Brand Without Spending A Bomb

Tap Into Your Existing Resources to Exponentially Increase Your Business

9.15am to 5pm, Tuesday, 25th & Wednesday, 26th February 2020, Kuala Lumpur

Achieve Better Sales

Build Better Brands

Cultivate Better Relationships

Are You Struggling to Grow Your Business Without Bursting Your Budget?

  • Collected lots of name cards but just don’t know what to do with them?
  • Want to use emails to engage your prospects but don’t know where to start?
  • Are you “spamming” your customers and causing them to unsubscribe?
  • Is it a challenge for you and your team to frequently create content for your email newsletters?
  • Want to get more people to open your emails and take action?
  • Want your brand to stick in your customers’ mind but don’t want to spend a bomb?

Yes, I want to solve these problems!

The Email Profits Method Works For Different Types of Companies, including B2B, B2C and even B2G!

  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Financial Services
  • Training Consultancies
  • Cybersecurity Services
  • High-End Renovations
  • Aesthetic Clinics
  • Marketing Consultancies
  • Healthcare Centre
  • Insurance Agencies 
  • Beauty Centres
  • Publishers
  • Event Organizers
  • Venture Capitalist Firms
  • F&B Businesses
  • Conference Producers
  • Law Firms
  • IP Consultants
  • Oil & Gas Companies
  • Manufacturers
  • Automotive Companies
  • Human Resource Firms
  • Travel Agencies
  • Fashion Brands
  • Web Developers
  • Import & Export Companies
  • Co-Working Space Operators
  • And more!

Yes! I want Email Marketing to Work for My Company too!

Have a question? Talk to a consultant now.

3200% ROI

For every $1 you spend on emails marketing, you can expect an average return of $32.

7 OUT OF 10

73 percent of millennials prefer communications from businesses to come via email.

9 OUT OF 10

93% of B2B marketers use email to distribute content.


Consumers who purchase products through email spend 138% more than those that don’t receive email offers.

The Experts Have Spoken. There Is No Doubt That Email Marketing Works.

The Only Question Is…
How Can You Make It Work For Your Business?

If You Want to Run Effective Email Marketing Campaigns that Will Increase Your Sales While Keeping Your Marketing Cost Low, Here Are NINE Reasons Why the EMAIL PROFITS MASTERCLASS is Designed For You!


Effectively Segmentize Your Existing Customer & Prospects Database & Engage Them Differently

The Wrong Way: Blasting the same emails to all your database, without profiling them first.

The Right Method: In the EMAIL PROFITS MASTERCLASS, we will share with you a simple technique to effectively group your databases into different categories. Best part is, the worksheet and exercise can be used again and again, so you and your team can continue to expand your businesses.

Click Here and Start Sending The Right Messages to the Right People!


Structure Your Emails for Maximum Effectiveness – Psychologically & Emotionally

The Wrong Way: Send emails for the sake of sending, causing readers to unsubscribe.

The Right Method: Every successful email has a structured flow to be followed, and in the EMAIL PROFITS MASTERCLASS, we will go deep dive into each element so you can produce effective email copies.

Click Here and Start Creating Emails That Produce Results!


Learn How to Tap On Simple Content Generation Strategies & Not Run Out of Topics to Write On

The Wrong Way: Send the same email over and over again.

The Right Method: In the EMAIL PROFITS MASTERCLASS, we will show you different ways you and your team can come up with new, fresh content every week (or even every day if you want). That way, your database will never get tired of hearing from you, and some may even look forward to receiving your emails!

Click Here and Generate Fresh Content Ideas All The Time!


Craft Catchy Email Subject Lines That Get Clicked All The Time

The Wrong Way: Use “spammy”, “sale-sy” or just plain boring subject lines that never get clicked on.

The Right Method: Your potential customers already have inboxes filled with messages, which is why in the EMAIL PROFITS MASTERCLASS, we will give you some ready-to-use subject line templates to help you capture their attention.

Click Here and Send Email Campaigns that Get Results!


Leverage Proven Email Templates for Different Stages of Your Sale Cycle

The Wrong Way: Use the same email regardless if the reader is a customer or prospect or even a stranger!

The Right Method: In the EMAIL PROFITS MASTERCLASS, after you know how to properly segment your database, we will give you at least 9 different email templates that you and your team can use for different occasions.

Click Here and Access Those Effective Email Templates!


Sexify Your Products and Services with Copywriting Hacks

The Wrong Way: Use the same promotional messages repeatedly just because it worked once a few years ago.

The Right Method: Copywriting is key when it comes to attracting your readers to engage with your emails. That’s why in the EMAIL PROFITS MASTERCLASS, you will learn quick and easy copywriting hacks to improve your open and click rates, and in the process, generate more leads.

Click Here and Start Crafting Attractive Email Copies!


Deploy an Email Marketing System to Broadcast Mass Emails to All Your Prospects & Clients

The Wrong Way: Using Microsoft Outlook or Gmail to send out bulk emails (with the BCC) feature, which causes the emails to go into the spam folder.

The Right Method: In EMAIL PROFITS MASTERCLASS, we will help you pick the right email marketing software to fit your campaign and business needs. Good news is, most of these software are free or require very low monthly costs to work!

Click Here and Start Using Free Tools to Save Time & Money!


Improve Email Campaign Performance with Various Tracking and Optimisation Tips

The Wrong Way: Send the emails out and just hope for replies.

The Right Method: As the famous management guru Peter Drucker once said, “If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Improve It”. In the EMAIL PROFITS MASTERCLASS, we not only will show you “what” to measure, but “how” to measure as well, using some free or low-cost marketing tools.

Click Here and Start Improving Your Marketing ROI!


Produce Effective Emails Campaigns that Connects With Your Target Audiences

The Wrong Way: Send emails that don’t get clicked or opened, but got trashed instead.

The Right Method: In the EMAIL PROFITS MASTERCLASS, we want to help you and your team design, develop and deploy email marketing strategies that will help you achieve better sales, build better brands, and cultivate better relationships.

Click Here and Start Using Email Marketing to Your Advantage!

We’re not “tour agents” who sell you the ticket and send you on your way.

We’re the TOUR GUIDES who show you the potholes, shortcuts, best routes to take and how to best prepare for the rides.

Discovering New Profits is your journey. Let us be your guide.


Marketing Strategist & New Profits Consultant

Meet Your Guide

  • Over 15 years marketing experience across different industries and over different platforms and channels
  • Started 7 businesses mostly using digital tools, especially email marketing
  • Co-Founded KICKSTART.MY and grew it from a pathetic 20 people event to over 4300+ participants
  • Trained and consulted local and international companies in the following industries finance, insurance, telecommunications, F&B, healthcare, lifestyle and more

What Industry Veterans Are Saying About Maverick?

“Maverick” the name as defined in – unorthodox and/or independent-minded person says it all!

How I would describe him in 3 words: Wise, Generous & Productive.

He is one of the most experience Marketing Strategist that i’ve had the privilege and honor to meet in my 21 years of doing business globally.

When you have a chance to catch up with him, he will share generously and openly his vast experience by giving his time to you as to his own ventures and also to the people around him regardless on or offline.


Dato James Foo
Author, Entrepreneur, Investor, Mentor, Speaker, Advisor & Business Builder

This guy is a genius in his field.

Attended his workshop and he shared so many insightful tips on increasing presence on Linked In, utilising various tools to ease postings, writing articles, creating right sized images, how to attract target market etc.

Ever need digital marketing advice- he’s the person to go to!


Geetha Kandiah
Malaysia’s Top 40, Director at KASS International

Want your events to be sold out?

Maverick is the best man for the job. Mav’s community building and event marketing skills are on point.

Following his advice, I managed to have my events consecutively sell out. Aside from being very practical and honest with his approaches, Maverick brings out a sense of creativity like no other.

He’ll always be there when you need him to be, generously sharing his knowledge and experiences to those that are keen to learn. Probably the most fun person to work with.


Aiyas Aboobakar
Community Builder, Data Engineer at Fave

I must confessed, there are very few people I respect in this nail biting industry and Maverick is certainly one of them.

Born with the gift of the gab and a natural flair with words,there is never a dull moment in his Email Marketing workshops or business clinics. His wacky sense of humour will keep you laughing at the edge of your seat, while he doles out one cool actionable hacks after the other. You will leave the workshop with a bag full of practical skills and tools which you can execute immediately. Maverick’s other strength lies in his strong business acumen and his innate ability to identify and seize business opportunities. Just toss him an idea and you will see him create, build and execute it in no time with amazing results.

His humble background has also nurtured his desire to give back to others. His legacy as a community builder and founder of – the birthplace of many of today’s startup entrepreneurs in Malaysia, will forever be etched in the memories of those who are privileged to be part of the 4300 strong community.

If you are looking for a trainer or consultant to take your business to the next level, Maverick is your go-to-guy to get the job done. Satisfaction guaranteed.


Karin Cheng
Digital Marketing Strategist, Head of Growth, Content & PR at E3T Official

I have known Mav since my early MaGIC days when I was trying to connect to various startup communities in Malaysia and I was told he was the person to reach out to if I want to tap into a vibrant and active community – that time it was, one of the largest entrepreneur community in this part of town.

This guy brooks no nonsense and he is also a straight shooter, making him one of the best person to discuss about possibilities and opportunities. He believes in marketing fundamentals just as I do and he definitely amassed a wealth of experience when it comes to communication, email marketing, and touching first bases with potential clients.

If you are looking to scale your B2B via marketing, then I will suggest for you to reach out to Maverick for your next move. Ask him about the copywriting magic.


Alan Cheah
Chief Executive Officer at GoCar Mobility

When it comes to email marketing, Maverick knows his stuff.

I’ve watched him filled events, workshops and his bank accounts with just emails – well written, highly engaging, results driven. Before this, I never knew emails were an effective marketing tool, but after working with Maverick on a few projects, I see (and experience) the positive outcomes myself.

Just one campaign and it has brought in $10k in revenue, with a couple of deals in the pipeline. Thanks to Mav, when it comes to email marketing, I’m sold!


Alex Tan
Socialpreneur, Executive Coach (PCC), Speaker, Co-Founder and CEO of Invigorate International


; a lesson where someone who is an expert at something gives advice to a group of good students.

Four Key Program Features


Worksheets and Strategy Maps that you can use over and over again, as your business grows from one stage to another. Of course, the same frameworks can also be used for new projects, new products and new services as your business expands.


Learning is easiest when there are examples given. Sometimes we are blindsided by emotions associated to our own businesses to see the solution. The moment we disassociate ourselves and look at other businesses, often we get the “Hey, why didn’t I think about that!” breakthrough moments.


Bring your existing or past campaigns and get immediate feedback on how to improve it. Know exactly what works and what doesn’t, and checklists to effectively implement for future improvements.


Theories can only bring you so far. Get behind-the-scene access and witness how it actually works. Plus, you will get to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty too, as you and your team get familiar with the softwares and tools.

Date & Time:
Tuesday, 25th & Wednesday, 26th February 2020

9.15am to 5.00pm

iSpace, Plaza Vads, TTDI, KL.
(Google Maps)


What’s My Investment?

How much are missed opportunities costing you? How many potential customers can you afford to lose to your competitors? How many more “belt-tightening” exercises can you go through year after year to maximise your marketing dollars?

A lack of clarity and strategy may already be costing you a great deal. The question is, how much more?



Only For Selected Participants


RM 1800

Payment will be processed by Snappars Events.


Let's get started!


Let's get started!