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This Entrepreneurship Seminar will Help You Position Your Business to Win in 2020

Regardless of Trends, Timing or Market Conditions

10am to 2pm, Saturday, 12th October 2019, Kuala Lumpur

Make More Money

Become More Famous

Earn More Freedom

Have you ever noticed that some businesses can thrive and succeed even in bad market conditions?

Or perhaps you’ve seen some “seemingly solid” ventures crumbling even when times were really good?

Market conditions, trends, and timing are like the waves of the ocean; and how, when and what you use to ride the waves will determine the success of your business.

Even now in Malaysia, when 9 out of 10 people you meet are saying that the economy is bad and business is slow, still, there are some entrepreneurs that seemed to be doing well.

Is it luck? Advanced technology? Some secret sauce?

Or is it just they have a formula that allows them to capitalise on opportunities, especially those that you might not see?

Hi, I’m Dato James, and together with my team, we’ve studied thousands of businesses, 80+ of them my own. We looked at ventures across different industries, market segments and countries, and discovered why some failed even when they have customers and funding, while others succeed despite the odds stacked against them.

And we have put together a framework, tested it against different businesses types, sizes and stages, and realised one critical piece of information that the successful ones are not openly sharing:

There are fundamental, natural laws of business building that successful entrepreneurs use to their advantage since the early days of men. And from those principles, they have created business empires that last for generations.

Over the years, we’ve shared this framework informally with our clients and close friends. We’ve seen lightbulbs go off as they saw the missing piece of the puzzle. We’ve given them clarity then the markets were hazy with distractions. We’ve shown then the hidden goldmine that was buried in their backyard the entire time!

And for the first time, we’re putting it together in a one-day Masterclass, designed specifically to help you and your team do one thing:

Generate New Profits.

So, if you’re tired of letting market conditions, politics and economics throw your business around, causing you to move one step forward but three steps back, or just struggling to survive month to month, then see you at the New Profits Masterclass.

p.s. What’s your investment, you ask? Jump here to the pricing page.

If You Want to Build Businesses That Can Last The Next TEN Years, Here Are SEVEN Reasons Why the NEW PROFITS MASTERCLASS is Designed For You!

1. Build a Power-Packed Core Team with Timeless Team-Building Principles

If you want to travel fast, travel alone. But if you want to travel far, travel with a team.

In the New Profits Masterclass, you will learn how to identify the right individuals you need to bring your business to greater heights. You’re already a great self leader. Time to become a great team leader.

2. Learn Powerful Venture Building Frameworks Complete with Case Studies

To get from where you are to where you want to be, you need to have a road map. But your journey is different from other entrepreneurs. You have unique challenges.

That’s why in the New Profits Masterclass, you will learn the core business frameworks that will enable to understand how businesses really work (especially your competitors’), extract what is needed, and create your own road map.

3. Achieve the Highest Return for Your Effort by Focusing on the Right Business Functions & Priorities

To make sure you don’t waste time and resources unnecessarily, you need to be clear on what needs to be done at the different stages of your journey.

In the New Profits Masterclass, you will first learn what stage of business you are in, and what are the key areas you need to work on before transitioning to the next level. You will also discover the common pitfalls to look our for so you can plan and prioritise ahead.

4. Structure Your Business Ventures to Ensure Effortless Sustainability & Always have Ample Resources to Grow & Expand

In your business journey, sometimes you will need to sprint, and other times, you need to walk further than what you’re used to.

In the New Profits Masterclass, you will discover how brilliant entrepreneurs position their different streams of income so that you won’t be in a position that will cripple you from taking bold opportunities.

5. Future Proof your Business Empire from Technology Disruptions & Overseas Competition

You will meet challengers and obstacles along your journey, which may force you off your path.

In the New Profits Masterclass, you will learn how to position your business and guard against competitors, local and foreign. You will discover your product differentiations and USPs, and the core markets to turn into your loyal fans.

6. Plan Your Businesses Around Different Economic Cycles So You Can Enjoy Continuous Income

Seasons come, and seasons go. Preparing for the changes will ensure that your journey is uninterrupted, that you reach your destination in time.

In the New Profits Masterclass, you will learn how to spot trends and economic shifts, and adjust your business growth to respond to the change, and maybe even capitalise on it. 

7. Dominate Your Industry by Tapping Into Your Unfair Advantage

You have hidden strengths, talents and skills that can tremendously help you in your journey. If you can uncover and use them to your advantage, that is.

In the New Profits Masterclass, you will use a simple formula discover you (and your team’s) Unfair Advantage, an edge that you can not only use to keep your competitors at bay, but also solidify your position as the authority in your space.


We’re not “tour agents” who sell you the ticket and send you on your way. We’re the tour guides who show you the potholes, shortcuts, best routes to take and how to best prepare for the rides.

Entrepreneurship is your journey. Let us be your guide.

Meet Your Guide




What Industry Veterans Are Saying About Dato James Foo?

As warm and kind as he is intelligent, James is an astute businessman with loads of passion for people. It's amazing how he remains so humble even though he has achieved so much. It's always a pleasure being with him, and a true privilege to be able to work with him.


Janet Lee
CEO & Founder of 95%

James is one of the most experience startup’s mentor that I’ve met in my past 12 years of consulting over 200 organisations across 23 industries. If I were to sums up my experience of James in 3 words: Charismatic, Wise & Generous.


Joescher Chee
Founder & CEO, Global Strategy Advisory

Humble, Insightful, Visionary. These 3 words are the best I can describe you. Every meeting ends with my brain feeling numb ABDC shocked at what else is possible in my business and what I can build into it. I love the sharing and the absolute abundance that you give. Keep it up. I would highly recommend you as an author's or Business Coach.


Soo Hoo
Master Trainer, 100 Most Inspirational LinkedIn Icons In Malaysia

James Foo was the man who made my dream of becoming an Author come true. He is someone I know I can rely on when times get tough as his direct and frank approach to the book publishing world and business acumen separates him from the crowd. James is truly BETTER THAN NORMAL in ever aspect of life and business!


Hitesh R
Global Motivational Speaker, Paralympic Athlete

James is the person you call for a business breakthrough. He is the best marketing and business strategist I've come across and he is good at piercing through small talk and get to the REAL thing you need help with. He is a living, walking example of "adding value." I've learned a tonne from my few sessions with him. His deceptively simple question will stump most entrepreneurs and make them re-evaluate their way of doing business.


Ben Sim
Senior Sales Copywriter at Mindvalley, Published Author in Forbes, Business Insider, TechInAsia

James have a heart of gold and have been very supportive in providing and sharing his wisdom, thoughts and experience from the many ventures that he has been through. His wealth of experience in managing and leading start ups, SMEs and bigger organization will have a positive impact to all of his relationships.


Capt. Koh Chen Tien
Thought & Channel Leader, Artificial Intelligence Human Integration (AIHI) Global Council

In the context of a world where competition can breed it's ugly head, James comes with a fresh new perspective on how to collaborate and build people around you as one of the most potent ways to succeed in this current business climate. If trust is a scarcity in today's business world, then you can certainly take refuge in the fact that this is one man you can trust, who will honour his words and make sure that what he promised to do, he will deliver.


Fazil Irwan
Executive Director, International Strategy Institute

James is an inspirational leader and motivator. He is never short of positive vibes and advice. A great friends to be made and relied on. Thank you James.


Sze Kok Hoong
Founder & CEO, BolehCompare



; a lesson where someone who is an expert at something gives advice to a group of good students.

Four Masterclass Features


Business Building Blueprints that you can use over and over again, as you business grow from one stage to another. Of course, the same frameworks can also be used for new ventures as you expand your empire.


Learning is easiest when there are examples given. Sometimes we are blindsided by emotions associated to our own businesses to see the solution. The moment we disassociate ourselves and look at other businesses, often we get the “Hey, why didn’t I think about that!” breakthrough moments.


Access additional resources designed and developed to help you and your team grow. From templates to worksheets, you will have a toolkit that will shortcut your path to success.


Business building can be lonely, which is why being part of a community that understands your challenges and give constructive feedback and suggestions is critical for your long term success. And that’s not counting the referrals you’re going to get!

Program Outline

The New Profits™ Method

Clarity is power. No one strategy can be applied to call businesses, but once you understand the critical success factors and constraints of your business, market and industry, you will know what you need to do to really breakthrough to the next level.

The 7 Stages of Business Building™

Ever took a step forward only to find that you’re two steps back? The truth is, not all advice and strategies are applicable in different business stages. Discover exactly what you need to do at each stage before progressing to the next.

The Business Model Trifecta™ 

Balance is the key to solid, long term growth. Learn the three critical elements that are needed for future-proofed, economically-sound and hyper-destructive business models.

Discover Your Unfair Advantage

More important that your Unique Selling Point, is identifying your Unfair Advantage – something that will keep you ahead of the competition as you dominate your niche and expand your market.

Date & Time:
9am to 5pm, Thursday, 3rd October 2019

Ruang@Petaling Jaya, Menara PKNS PJ,
No. 17, Jalan Yong Shook Lin, Seksyen 7,
46050 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan


What’s My Investment?

How much are missed opportunities costing you? How many potential customers can you afford to lose to your competitors, local and abroad? How many more “belt-tightening” exercises can you go through year after year? How many more sleepless nights, sweating in bed, wondering how you are going to cover the monthly expenses that were already long overdue?

A lack of clarity and strategy may already be costing you a great deal. The question is, how much more?


2 Tickets
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RM 1297


3 Tickets & More
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RM 997


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Let's get started!


Let's get started!