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Oh, by the way, would you be interested to have a 60 Minute 1-On-1 Mentoring Session with me? We’ll get to talk about your business, your challenges and your aspirations for this year – I’d love to be able to help you move a step closer to your goals.

Normally, the mentoring sessions are valued at USD500/hour, but for this upcoming New Profits Webinar, you get a chance to earn it.

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Bonus #1
5 Friends Joined – Get Replay Link
You can rewatch the New Profits Webinar as many times as you want! That way, you won’t miss out on any of the gold nuggets, which you can immediate apply to grow your business.

Bonus #2
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Download reusable worksheets and strategy maps that you can use for your business (and make sure each of your team have a worksheet to work with too!)

Bonus #3
15 Friends Joined – Get a 60-minute mentoring session with me!
Yes! I will jump on a call and we’ll get to talk about your ventures, your hurdles and your plans for this year. I’ll share with you some ideas, insights and maybe even some tactical moves with the main purpose of getting a clear direction for you. This sounds super exciting, right?

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Let's get started!


Let's get started!